Maths Challenge

Hi Year 6,


Hope you’re enjoying the Easter Break. Here is a maths challenge to keep you busy. Reply to the post with your answers. Mr Rigby



Camp Pine View’s cook, Margaret Johnson, was just about to begin preparing the picnic lunch for all the campers. She already knew she needed to fill 55 bowls of the same size and capacity with the same amount of food. When she was done, she decided to read the guidelines for the picnic, just out of curiosity. The guidelines said:

1. Every camper gets their own bowl of soup.
2. Every two campers will get one bowl of spaghetti to share.
3. Every three campers will get one bowl of salad to share.
4. All campers are required to have their own helping of salad, spaghetti, and soup.

After some rapid calculations, Margaret was able to figure out how many campers were going to the picnic. Can you?

10 thoughts on “Maths Challenge

  1. NM

    Hi i think the answer is 30 because every two us 15 and every 3 is 10 and if you add them together it makes 55 .


  2. GEC

    Hi Everyone,
    I think it is 30, because there are 30 soups 15 spaghettis and 10 salads add them up together and you get 55.

  3. AB

    Hi Mr Rigby,

    I thought I would have a go at your interesting maths challenge- I hope you don’t mind.
    I think the answer is 30.
    I realised that for every 6 campers there is 11 bowls (6 soup bowls, 3 spaghetti and 2 salad) therefore if there are 55 bowls in total there must be 30 campers because 11 x 5 =55 so 6 x5=30

    Is this correct?

    from AB (year 5C)

  4. g.johns

    Hi Year 6

    I think that the four children who have checked out the blog over the Easter Holiday deserve an OWL – come and see me for one.

    Mrs J

  5. KRF

    I think the answer is 30. Because if 30 bowls are of soup and 15 are spaghetti and 10 are salad, if you add them together it makes 55.


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