World Records

Hi Year 6

Hope you have enjoyed the weekend after all your efforts last week.

Little task for you-we are going to look this week at great human achievements so we would like you to find out about a world record and post it on the blog. Try to find out about one that really interests you and that other people may not know.


Mrs Gamston & Mr Rigby

9 thoughts on “World Records

  1. NM

    Did you know that the world’s longest hair ( female ) is 5.63 meters long ! This is currently held by Xie Qiuping from China .
    hope you find some great ones
    from NM

  2. YI

    I hope you find this interesting.

    This is one of those records that can take several decades to break but Melvin Booth and Lee Redmond made the sacrifice and achieved combined fingernails lengths of 9.05 meters and 8.65 meters.


  3. nc

    My world record i have found is longest finger nails .Chris Walton (known to her fans as the duchess)hold the record of longest fingernails measuring an unbelievable 10 feet 2 inches on her left hand and 9 feet 7 inches on her right.She is 47 years of age and stopped cutting her fingernails 19 years ago.

  4. krf

    My world record is the highest chearleading basket toss. This was acheved by the Australian All Stars Chear Federation on the 3rd of September 2013. If you were wondering the height was 5.5 metres high (18 feet). Wow. Many people might be thinking ‘what is a basket toss?’. Well it is were a flyer stands on two peoples arms and they throw them in the air, so that is incredible.
    From krf.
    Hope you all find out fascinating world records too.

  5. cc

    did you know that the world record holder of the highest- grossing action -movie heroine is held by The Hunger Games and also catching fire (the second movie). Even in catching fire they made £519,711,000 pounds world wide. Jennifer Lawrence (Katness Everdeen ) won worlds most loved actress in 2014 and 2015.
    from CC.

  6. AC

    My world record is that Misao Okawa from Japan is the most recent oldest women in the world. As she is 117 but still has not become the worlds oldest women ever yet. She has still got to live another 5 years to beat Jeanne Louise Calment as she went an amazing 122 years of life.

    From AC

  7. OB

    Hi I hope you enjoy my interesting record

    The tallest man in the world is Sultan Kosen. He was born on the 10 December 1982.He measures 251 cm or 8ft 3 in . He is a part time farmer and lives In Turkey. He also holds the world record for having the largest hands for a living person, each one measuring 28.5 cm from the wrist to tip of the middle finger .

    I hope you enjoyed my record

  8. Isw

    Hi hope you enjoy reading my world record fact
    Did you know ?
    The tallest Mohican is set at 113.5cm tall (44.6 inches). The height was verified at the bloc de l’art hair salon in Tokyo japan, on 28th October 2011. It took a team of hair stylists four hours to sculpt Kazuhiro’s Gravity defying coiffure.

  9. LJ

    Hello my world record is that the Blue Whale has the biggest heart on earth. It weighs up to 160 tonnes. A Blue Whale’s heart is the size of a car. It beats 4-8 times per minute meaning it has the slowest heartbeat.


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