The Circulatory System



Year 6,

We have learnt about the human circulatory system this week.circulatory system


Can you share on the blog anything you have learnt so far about how the circulatory system works and why it is important?

Mrs Gamston and Mr Rigby

4 thoughts on “The Circulatory System

  1. AC

    Before I learned about this topic I did not know what a heart looked like and I had no knowledge on it at all.
    Now are teachers have taught us a lot on it I know now information like: what oxygenated blood and deoxgyenated bloods roles are in our bodies , why it is important that blood pumps around your body and lots more amazing facts that i did not know before we started

    From AC

  2. KRF

    This last week has been very interesting. Before we started this topic i hardly knew anything about the circulatory system ( i didn’t even know how to say it) but now i know a lot about it and how our body works. I will take all of this knowledge into high school. I have learnt the role of the heart and lungs in the circulatory system, from dissecting the lambs heart, i now know what all of the things are in the heart. EG: Atrium, Ventricle, Pulmonary Vein and Aorta, these are all technical words in the heart. Our teachers have taught us a lot about the circulatory system, in an enjoyable way.

  3. NM

    I learnt that there are 2 different types if blood oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood . The oxygenated blood takes oxygen to different parts of the body and the deoxygenated blood is the blood that comes back with no oxygen and needs some .

  4. LMB

    I have learned loads about the circulatory system! Before I started learning about this topic I thought that the heart was just a magical devise in your body that keeps you alive. However now I know all about the ways blood is carried around your body, and how much we need all our different organs. I aspecialy liked when we could actually look at a real life sheep’s heart! It was so much fun! Did you know that your heart is the thing that makes all the blood pump round your body and the thing that has two halves in it – one for oxygenated blood, and one for de-oxygenated blood? That week was a lot of fun, I hope we can learn about other intresting subjects the way we learnt about this. Thank you Teachers!


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