Year 6 Half Term Homework

Hi Year 6

You have been learning this week about the human body and how we function. Your homework over half term is to write a post for the blog explaining who you think is more amazing-Humans OR Computers. (We would like to see at least 150 words!!)

Remember to use the features of persuasive texts you have learnt about this year to help with your answer.

Enjoy your well earned break!!

Mr Rigby/Mrs Gamston

18 thoughts on “Year 6 Half Term Homework

  1. NM

    I think that humans are more amazing than computers because of lots of different reasons . They are much better because people can actually physically move and if we didn’t we won’t be really be alive because we need to move to : eat, sleep plus also breath . We are also more amazing because there are many things we can do that they can’t , they have made a load of books about it “The guineas world record book “. Computers need a group of people ( such as 8 people ) to make 1 which is a long time and humans only need a bit over half a year .If we’re ill it is nearly free or free to get better but a computer it costs lots andllots of money . I hope you agree with my point of view because i belive it is true .

  2. AC

    I think that humans are more amazing than computers. This is because for example: computers are more difficult and it is more complicated to fix than humans. Although computers have answers that come quickly, human knowledge has been going on for years so people can find out information on each other. Going back to my recent statement computers are more fragile than humans so they can easily break so how can you count on such a thing? Also computers always cant keep you up to date on important subjects. I also think that because the human body is so clever anyway it does not have to get build up and take mouths to learn on what it needs to know like computers.So that means that computers were not officially made with a sense of intelligence like humans are when they are born. So i think that computers need more knowledge and to be more intelligent if they think they are more amazing than computers .

    From AC

  3. KRF

    This week we have been learning about the human body and comparing them to computers/machines. It has been an interesting week at school and in this small piece of information i hope you learn as much as you can in.
    I think that humans or more amazing than computers. This is because when we did our challenge with our devices, (I pads, tablets, DS’s, I pods.) man won not machine. I also think that us humans are more amazing because we have an incredible circulatory system, this is what helps us to pump blood around our body. Computers don’t have anything like this. Do they? It also keeps us functioning properly. Your circulatory system sends blood to your major organs, so that they can work as they should. By the end of the week we all knew a lot about humans and computers and i think most people thought the same as me, in that humans are most definitely more amazing than computers. Which one do you think is more amazing, humans or computers?
    From KRF.

  4. r.hillard

    Hello Year Six,

    I feel that humans are more amazing as they are naturally created and not modified like a computer. I believe that humans are amazing creatures that deal with lots of challenges throughout a lifetime. Furthermore, Humans have naturally evolved over time whereas a computers evolution is generated by a human. I would also argue that a human is more amazing as they have a longer life spam than a computer. What do you think Year Six? Do you agree or disagree and why?

    Miss Hilliard.

    1. KRF

      Hello Miss Hillard,
      I agree with you, i do think that humans are more amazing that computers. I didn’t think of that reason (humans are naturally made, but i do agree).

  5. Isw

    Hi everyone,
    I think the human body is more inteligent than computers because humans are the ones who invented computers and lots of other things that we need on a daily basis. The human body can heel Brocken bones, cuts, diseases and also infections. If a computer gets a virus it is humans that fix them as computers can not function without the help of humans. I do feel computers play a big part in our life because we need computers to help us with every day life. We use computers to acces our money and to communicate with other people, eg face book, instergram and to help us at school. I hope you agree with the things I have wrote about.

  6. gec

    Hi everyone,
    This week we have been learning about how humans work and compering humans with computers in an investigation to see if humans are better than computers. After are week on this topic I think humans are better than computers for various reasons. Firstly the humans have broken records that no computer/robot has ever broken. Secondly, humans made the computers so without humans there would be no computers which moves me on to my next point, humans control the computers and computers don’t control humans so that makes humans better as they create and control the computers. Finally my last point in a tally chart, we did in school that week, to show how many games where won by man and how many where won by machine we won over 50 more games than machines did.
    All of them points show that humans are better than machines for many different reasons. Do you agree or disagree?

  7. DH

    I think that humans are more amazing than computers, although computers are very well made, I think that humans are better. A few days ago the whole of year six brought all sorts of devices in (iPads, iPods, wiis) into school, and we had a competition on which is better man or computer, and when you played the game, if you died we would add one point on to the computer but, if we survived then we would add a point on to man, and man won!

  8. JW

    Hello ,

    I think that humans are better because we started the planet and lots more for example … Us humans can live , breath and walk can any computer do this the answer is no , but why is this it is because machines can’t have any emotions . We have also broke or started a world record and that is another thing they can’t do. But computers are getting a lot bigger and just maybe one day they will be better then us . Electricity powers the gadets though so if the energy runs out they will stop working and we would still survive . So over all i would say the humans would win for now . Write back for your say on who won . Hope you had a great holiday .


  9. CC

    I think that humans are better than machines and there are many reasons why i believe this .Firstly is that we can be fixed easily when we get hurt although , machines have to be reared over a certain amount of days . Just to see whats wrong with them. Also we can eat , breath and see whereas machines cant . We can notice what going on around us but they cant . Another reason is in are country (England) we can go to the doctors/hospital for free. Though with devices you have to pay to get repaired.And most of all we have the advantage of moving about. Though devises do not have this advantage . Also the movement in are hands help use fix computers/ devices . Us humans are the ones who created devices like this so that proves were smarter than them because we put the information in them. And that is why i think that humans are more amazing than computers(devices) and this text hopefully explained why.also when y6 had are man v machine day man won because we won more games than the computer (or any other devices we brought in).
    (200 words) By CC

  10. KB

    Hello Everyone,
    I think humans are more amazing than computers, for two main reasons.
    First of all, who were computers invented by? Humans! We program all machines and everything they can do. This means that we can do the same kind of things as them and more. They take about 10 people and many days to create ,but we are made naturally and are still just as good if not better! Secondly, when computers are broken they cost a lot of money to get fixed. The NHS provides us help when we need to get ‘fixed’ ,for free. Our bodies also can solve problems themselfs and fight illnesses, whereas machines need physical help by humans. This is my opinion ,even though computers have other great qualities too. They can work things out quicker than humans and are very helpful. However, we can do a lot more and more amazing things! What do you think about this?

  11. g.johns

    Great points made year 6, you’ve made me think about which is the most amazing. I think I agree with you that the human body is more interesting and amazing than technology, although technology is the future. Mrs J

  12. Kwe Kwe kwe

    Hi y6
    I also think that humans are more amazing than computers as our body is formed naturally.Electronic device relie on humans to get repaired but humans can be fixed by medication from their doctors .Using this quote I can prove that all humans are better than computers have a circulatory system as advanced as ours…no . Do we need to be sent to the junk yard when we’re broken …no .i believe that we are better than computers.

  13. LJ

    I think humans are better than computers, as without humans computers wouldn’t exist. If a human breaks a bone or get’s injured, then they can be easily fixed where as a computer needs to be analysed and needs to be checked out for errors. I also think humans are better because we invented computers to use for many things eg aeroplanes, roller coasters, cars ,computer game consoles & mobile phones. Despite computers being amazing, things can sometimes go wrong & can cause injuries eg The Smiler at Alton Towers & humans are the only ones who can help.

  14. LMB

    The circulatory system is a special thing that happens in your body thousends of times a day. When you breath in, your lungs take that oxygenated blood and carries it through your blood stream up to your heart. Once this has happened your heart gets the blood. The blood will go through your heart and your heart will take it to the places that need it. These could be: your brain; your arms; your legs; and any other place in your body. So if, for example, your heart sends it to your brain, your brain will take it and then give your heart back some de-oxygenated blood. This de-oxygenated blood will go through your blood stream, up to your heart ( once again ). When it gets there your heart will send the blood back up to your lungs, to be breathed out. And the whole process starts again.

  15. LMB

    I think that Humans are far more amazing than computers, because of 1 simple reason…
    We created computers! There isn’t anything a computer has that most humans don’t have. This is because we were the ones who programed the computers to do what they do. So, obviously, we are way more clever than them! Some may argue that we could not calculate 1197363% of 254737 as quick as a computer. However if you gave us enough time, we would be able to do it. Plus we are the ones who mantain computers and keep them running! If we weren’t here, computers wouldn’t be able to keep themselves going for very long.

  16. ES

    I think that the human body is better than computers. I think this because
    You can not fix a human but you can with a computer. The human body is way more interesting and they are naturally made unlike computers. Humans get controlled by themselves ( the brain ) but then the robots have to be controlled by a living thing to even be turned on, never mind instructed. Humans are completely amazing and the circulatory system works thousands and thousands of times in a day. Also, to get a computer you need to pay money and this tells you that they are not as amazing as what they actually sound. These are just a few reasons why in my opinion the human body is miles and miles better than computers. So, I hope that you all agree with me that humans are more amazing than computers.


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