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  1. EK

    We have been learning about maps and the area that we all live in.
    We made maps of Standish going all the way up to our school (Wood Fold Primary School).
    I had an enjoyable week, and i think most other people did! The teachers (Mr Rigby and Mrs Gamston)
    must have put alot of effort into planning it.


  2. YI

    On Monday ,we did a bit of a pre-learning task .What we basically had to do was, draw a map of Standish in some groups from what we already knew about it. We had to draw all the roads, all the shops and all the rest that we knew.That was a pretty exciting and fun task to do.On the following few days, we started to learn about how to work out looking at Ordnance survey maps.In the next day, we looked on Bing Maps and started to colour code a map of Standish.

    On Monday and Tuesday the week after, we looked at how far we live away from school.We asked the whole class about their own statistics and put this information in the form of graphs.Also, we looked at the population density of some places in England.
    Thank you for reading my homework.

  3. Kwe.kwe.lwe

    Hi y6,
    I have learnt so much! For Example,it is densely populated and contains many landmarks.I have also learnt that Standish is not a village anymore, it’s a town as it is so busy with houses.

  4. jf

    I have learnt Standish got its name by two old English words Stan meaning stone and edisc meant park or enclosure. It has had many names like: Stanedis, Sanediss, Standissh, Stanedich. In the Market Place there is a late medieval cross, stone stocks and a 14th-century well, latterly used for washing.


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