Know Your History!!

Hi Year 6

We are continuing to look at Standish History this week-can you tell us the most interesting piece of information you have learnt so far?




Mr Rigby & Mrs Gamston

6 thoughts on “Know Your History!!

  1. YI

    It’snot really an interesting piece of information ,but it was fun knowing about primary and secondary sources.When we were doing the WW2 topic ,we learnt about them but I had forgotten which way round they were . So it was nice to be refreshing my mind with some interesting ‘History Techniques’.
    Thank you
    See you on Monday

  2. AC

    Ive learned that in the 17th and 18th century Standish had a mine that men worked down there for a living.
    This was not the only mine in the area there were 3 local mines: Shevington mine, Wigan mine and Standish mine. So Myles Standish ( the founder of Standish) thought to keep it there for many years. But because it was not a listed place they decided to knock it down and in to something else.

  3. nc

    About the fire at the palace cinema(the great fire of standish as some people called it)……

    The Palace cinema opened its doors in 1927 with the silent movie The Golden Clown and was then run by a well-known local family for 30 years. The last film to be shown on July 2nd. 1957 was the Kenneth Moore classic, Reach for the Sky.
    The building was then converted to a plumbers’ supplies which was destroyed in the ‘great fire of Standish’ in December 1963.

    So that is what i found interesting .

  4. OB

    Mining in Standish
    I have been very interested to learn that previously Standish was a mining village.
    The men did not like the job and didn’t like working underground because it was hot, dirty and dangerous.
    My uncle Stephen was a miner but he is a lecturer now
    He was one of the last mining apprentices in Wigan

  5. OB

    I have been very interested to learn about mining in Standish and that it was a mining village some time ago. I also learned that the men did not like working down the mine as it was hot dirty and dangerous.
    My uncle Stephen who is 44 was one of the last mining apprentices before the pits were closed
    He is now a lecturer but remembers that it was a very unpleasant job .


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