Year 6 Homework 27th March 2015- The Giant’s Necklace


Year 6,

You have worked hard this week planning and writing your mystery stories based on ‘The Giant’s Necklace’ story. For your homework, we would like you to use the blog to share some of the skills you have learnt. Please write a setting description of the beach where the character Cherry was making her ‘Giant’s Necklace’.

It needs to be between 100 and 200 words and try to include your writing targets. Some of you may want to challenge yourselves and write a description which changes from a positive atmosphere to a negative one, like in the story. Remember you are not writing the whole story!

We are looking forward to reading your descriptions,

Mrs Gamston and Mr Rigby

Waste Week

blog-waste week

This week Year 6 have made our own plant pots using old plastic bottles-these will hopefully grow a range of herbs in the outdoor garden.


Can you think of a way that you have ‘reduced, reused and recycled’ this week?

The Vikings

Hi Year 5, I have got a challenge for you!

Can you write in role as a Viking and persuade others to travel and settle in Britain? (Remember to give reasons about why the British land has lots of potential for you Vikings…)

Looking forward to reading your replies!

Mrs Grimes

Y5′s Charity Activity Challenge!

Hi Year 5!

Phew! I have just about recovered from our Activity Challenge last Thursday! As you know we all had a brilliant time doing lots of activities to raise money for our Y5 charity, The Legacy Rainbow House. I haven’t seen the paper yet but I will keep my eyes peeled for our article! What was your favourite part of the challenge? What did you find difficult? Why is it important for us to help this brilliant charity?

Looking forward to reading your replies!

Mrs Grimes

Dragon’s Den

Hello Year 5,

Last week we spent some time exploring The Dragon’s Den and your Special Places. We thought about how your Special Places had changed since you last visited and considered what we could smell, see, hear and touch.

Can you tell us about your Special Place? Please reply with a description, remember to include lots of exciting vocabulary (adjectives, similes and metaphors) to produce a really interesting piece of writing. Remember to apply your own writing targets and please remember to thoroughly edit and check your writing before submitting it.

I’m really looking forward to reading your descriptions!

Mrs Grimes

Eye witness recounts

Hi Year 5!

I am really impressed with how good you are at blogging, and glad you have learnt lots about staying safe in Standish.

I know we have been working hard in English learning about eye witness recounts, what can you tell me about them? What are some of the features? Who would write them?

Looking forward to reading your replies! Miss Bardsley

Welcome back!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas holiday!

We are going to be learning all about staying safe in Standish this term with an exciting class visitor on Wednesday!

What do you already know about staying safe in Standish?

Post your replies below!

Miss Bardsley